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ASI to IP Gateway COL5781M

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  • Brand:    COLABLE
  • Type:    COL5781M
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COL5781M ASI to IP Gateway with mux is a head-end interface conversion device which is used for 

DVB and Ethernet. It is integrated with multiplexing and gateway function, which can mux the signal 

from 8 ASIs into TS and remux the TS into IP package, then output the IP package through different 

IP address and ports. It supports TS over UDP protocol. Furthermore, it can simultaneously convert the 

signals from 8 channels ASI.


ASI input

IP output data rate range: 1800Mbps

Support multiplex and scramble to IP interface output

Payload of UDP: 7 of 188-byte-length TS packets

Support multiplex, and PSI/SI process

Support up to 512 program multiplexed

Support SI/PSI auto-generation and manual uploading during re-multiplexing

Support auto-generation or manual editing of network information, as well as local network information sectors uploading

Support PID filteringmapping and pass-through

Data input and output parameters can be flexibly configured and it can auto-detect the input bit stream

Support many network protocols, such as UDPARPICMPIGMP

Support HD/SD program transmission

Support Web/SNMP-based management and online remote update

Support both Chinese and English in web page and related technical document

Support power-down memory

Support device configuration import/export

Integrated with demodulation and gateway function

Support 8 channels ASI input and 8 IP output

Support MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 TS to IP one way conversion

1 GE output(support parallel 1 Gbps data output channel)

Support maximum 8 ASI to IP converting channel, the maximum output bit-rate is 800Mbps

Support TS over UDP protocol, unicast and multicast

Support LCD display and keyboard control

Support NMS/SNMP management




8 Channels ASI 


1 GE output, TS over UDP protocol, unicast and Multicast, 8 IP (MPTS)


SI/PSI auto-generation

PID filteringmapping and pass-through

Transmission Bit-rate

Maximum total bit-rate is 800Mbps



0~45℃(working )-20~80℃(storage)

Power supply





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