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Digital TV ISDB-T Multiplexer COL52122D

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  • Type:    COL52122D
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COL52122D ISDB-T multiplexer is a TS re-multiplexer developed to adapt Japan and those South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina. It supports 2 separate multiplexers which are fully complying with ISDB-T standard. This multiplexer can transfer the head-end single program and multi-program to ISDB-T standard TS as required. Additionally, it also supports PSI/SI table editing and generating, single frequency network and IIP packet editing and inserting. What’s more, the ISDB-T multiplexer can support up to 6channels input and 2 channels output, the transmission mode is compatible with hierarchy. User can upgrade and control the multiplexer system online through network.


  • SPTS and MPTS code stream multiplexing
  • PSI/SI information editing and generating; descriptor data inserting
  • PCR correction and PID re-mapping function
  • NMS supporting, keypad parameter setting
  • Network long-distance upgrading function
  • Two groups separate output
  • Huge buffer, suddenly code stream resistance
  • 188/204Byte transmission stream packet
  • Fully complying with ISDB_T and ISDB_TB standard
  • Supporting hierarchy transmission
  • Supporting each kind of table’s user-define in its transmission layer
  • External 1PPS and 10MHz inputting; supports SFN
  • Separately set the parameters such as time delay for each device when it works as SFM mode
  • Section receiving
  • Number of segments, encoding code rate, modulation mode, time domain interlacing length for each layer and be set separately
  • IIP packet editing and inserting


Signal inputting

12 groups inputting ( max value: 214Mbps/group)

188/204Byte transmission stream packet

TS packet mode and suddenly code rate mode

GPS 10mhz reference clock inputting

GPS 1pps signal inputting


TS re-multiplexer

256 PID mapping for each groupmanual, auto optional

PCR correction

PSI/SI table automatically generating

Modulation parameter

modemode1(2k)    model2(4k)    model3(8k)

Guard interval1/4   1/8  1/16   1/32

Coding rate1/4   2/3  3/4   5/6   7/8

constellationDQPSK  QPSK  16QAM  64QAM

LayerA      A+B    A+B+C

Bandwidth: 6MHz    7MHz     8MHz

SFN parameter

Maximum time delay0ms 1000ms

Off set-1000ms +1000ms

Device ID 0 30


2 groups separate output

RS encoding output supporting

1pps signal loop-out



Temperature045(operation)  -2080storage

Power supply220VAC±10%50Hz10W

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