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DTV Standard Alone Scrambler COL5300

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The COL5300 DTV Standard Alone Scrambler can simulcrypt scramble the input stream, and the embedded control word generator can transmit the constant or variable control word to scrambler the input transmitting stream. The internal simulcrypt synchronous controller can transmit the control word and the access conditions to exchange the information with the ECMG. When the scrambler works with the CA system, it can easily help the decoder to correctly decrypt the control word, and decode the scrambling stream by properly controlling the CP. Its high compatibility and integrate design make this device widely being used in the digital TV scrambling field.


ü Adopts the general scrambling system description ETR289

ü It can DVB scramble the specific program or the basic transmitting stream

ü Complies with the DVB common scrambling algorithm, supports the simulcrypt mode, be compatible with a variety of CV systems.

ü Analysis the overall MPEG stream

ü Re-treating the PSI/SI

ü Protecting the input and output ASI stream channel

ü Supports four different CAS system simultaneously

ü Supports huge buffer memory, and resists the unexpected code stream

ü Supports the bit-rate self-adoption, the re-adjustment and the re-mark of PCR

ü Real-time effective bit-rate monitoring

ü The database format: 188/244 bytes

ü Monitoring the work state by network system

ü Supports the CAS remote connection scrambling


Input interface

Two DVB/ ASl (one for reserve)

Output interface

Two DVB/ ASl

Output bit-rate



Ethernet port 10/100M






Work temperature

0~45(working )-20~80(storage)

Power supply

AC 110V/220V±10%50/60Hz

Power consumption


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