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MMDS Receiving Antenna with Down converter COL-MRA02

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  • Brand:    Colable
  • Type:    COL-MRA02
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ü Integrated Gain : 50 dB

ü RF Input Frequency: 2500-2686MHz

ü RF Output Frequency: 222-408 MHz (decided by customers)

ü LO Frequency: 1838MHz(1950,2030,2278, 2286,2470,2908…more)

ü LO Frequency Stability: ±30KHz over temp

ü Noise Figure : 1.7dB(typ)

ü Gain Flatness : ±1.5dB@whole band,±0.25dB@6 MHz

ü Gain: 32±2 dB

ü Phase Noise: -85dBc/Hz@10 KHz

ü Lmage Rejection: 85dB

ü IF Rejection: -80dB

ü PCS Rejection: ≥100dBm

ü Radar Lmmunity: Optional

ü Output Connector: F-Type,75Ohm

ü Supply Voltage: +16 to +24VDC

ü Current: 225mA

ü Operating Temperature: -40 to +70

ü Humidity: 100% weatherproof

ü Gain: 17dbi

ü Front-to-Back Ratio: 25db

ü Side Lobe Level: -12

ü 3 db Beamwidth: 24°



Gross weight: 21Kg.

Net weight19Kg

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