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Transport Stream Analyzer COL5921

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  • Brand:    Colable
  • Type:    COL5921
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  Real time analysis; real time stream input and analysis;

  DVB/MPEG-2 transport stream analysis:

  TS information summary;

ü Conformance checking against the DVB standards using priority 1,2 and 3 measurements defined in TR 101 290; Error accounting; 

        Program information, PES, Audio/Video information;

        Display occupancy of bandwidth of each PID and program;

ü PSI/SI table, descriptors;

        PCR Analysis;

        Section, PID, PES syntax analysis ;

        TS grouping, Section and PES header capture;

        Buff analysis;

        Display and search EPG information;

        Support both real time and off line analysis;

        Support test result save, recover, review and print out;

        Monitoring: voice alarm, TS trigger record;

        Integrated decoder: support MPEG-2,H.264,MPEG-4,AC3,AAC, DRA formats;

        Integrated TS recorder and player,max. bit rate to120 Mbps;

        Support RF, ASI input/output;

        Demodulation, channel measurement;

        Input RF interface: DVB-C

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